—A Cartoon Appoach to High School
                  Physics Education

"Phis is 14 years old. Like most kids of her age, she's a bit anxious about finding the person inside her…"

In this project, we are exploring the concepts in physics as they apply to our everyday experiences through the eyes of a teenage girl. This is not a cartoon version of physics textbook. Instead, this is a story of a girl named Phis who happens to like physics...

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Episode 1: Phis wants to be a Physicist

Test your understanding. Quiz 1

Episode 2: Newton's 1st Law: Habit is a routine that is hard to break

Test your understanding. Quiz 2

Episode 3: Newton's 2nd Law: Be gentle if you care

Test your understanding. Quiz 3

Episode 4: Newton's 2nd Law Revisited: Push harder or eat less
Episode 5: Newton's 3rd Law: No Pain No Gain

We'd like to have your feedback on this story. Do you like this idea? Do you have any suggestions to improve it? Do you have a piece of similar story to share with us? Do you want to be part of the project and contribute one episode? Please feel free to email us your comments, thoughts, and suggestions. Please take this Survey

This Project is supported by NSF and the Nebraska Center for Materials and Nanoscience.